Certificate in English Language

MQA/PA1203 ; JPT/BPP (K)1000-600WP144 Jld.2 (49)


The Certificate in English Language program provides students with the English skills they need to prosper in education and in employment. It will help you learn to communicate effectively and increase confidence in your English language ability. It will also improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to an advanced professional level.

This programme also aims to equip students with the language skills in specific focused areas such as increasing reading rates, fluency and comprehension, proficiency in listening, speaking and writing. These skill sets help students become more fluent and confident when communicating in English, in preparation for employment or further studies.


Upon completion, students will be able to:
  • Interact effectively and with confidence accross a range of common social situations
  • Use English competently for professional and academic purposes and use communication technology skillfully and effectively
  • Display practical language skills within real workplace scenarios including presentations, negotiations, telephone skills, meetings and discussions
  • Demonstrate a range of English language skills in order to interact effectively as a leader and as part of a team
  • Compose and edit documents competently


    Graduates may find employment in language institutes, libraries, museums, private learning centres, colleges and universities. They may also work as English language teachers in public and private schools. Graduates who would like to pursue their education would also be able to further their studies.

    No Subjects
    1 Integrated Language Skills
    2 Grammar I
    3 Reading Comprehension I
    4 Writing I
    5 Listening and Speaking I
    6 Study Skills
    7 Listening and Speaking II
    8 Grammar II
    9 Reading Comprehension II
    10 Writing II
    11 Introduction to Pronounciation
    12 Oral Communication
    13 Basic Report Writing
    14 Advanced Grammar
    15 Advanced Writing
    16 Formal Business Writing
    17 Introduction to Literature
    Intake : January, May & September
    Course Duration : 1 1/2 Years
    Total Credit Hours : 60
    Mode : Full Time / Part Time
    Entry Level Entry Requirement
    SPM Pass SPM with 1 credits in any subjects and pass in English
    O-Levels Pass O-Level with 1 credit in any subjects and pass in English
    Other Other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government
    • Tutor
    • Instructor language center

    Earnings Estimates RM 1,000.00 – RM 1,800.00
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