Certificate in Optical Technology

MQA/PA2499 ; JPT/BPP (K) 1000-600WP144 Jld.2 (67)


The Visual Science programme is designed to help students develop a solid foundation in both the practical and theoretical aspect of the profession to enable them to have a competitive advantage in the Optical Industry. The student will also acquire valuable hands-on experience through industrial attachment programmes.

The Programme prepare students to become a competent Optical Technologist who can perform the various optical laboratory functions such as compounding, filing, and adapting of ophthalmic prescriptions, products and accessories, preparation of ophthalmic lenses, measure, fit and adapt frames and lenses, in accordance with written prescriptions and/ or specifications of qualified Optician, Optometrist and Ophthalmologist. Ascertain from inspection and verify all finished optical devices for accuracy, fit and finish of lenses. Adjust frame and lens unit position to fulfill prescription requirements.


Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Assists in the dispensing of spectacles
  • Demonstrate good understanding of facial structures.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of basic geometrical optics of the eye and ophthalmic lenses.
  • Do measurement, dispensing and edging of ophthalmic lens, as well as frame adjustment.
  • Give basic information on appropriate spectacle frame types and materials and lens forms and materials.
  • Communicate effectively with the clients
  • Assists in the business related areas , including record maintenance, frame and lens inventory and supply
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the operation and function of equipment and applying regulations for equipment safety and maintenance.
  • Neutralize and verify ophthalmic lenses and spectacles
  • Develop an appropriate professional attitude towards patient and colleagues and awareness of the legal, ethical and commercial context of the practice.
  • No Subjects
    1 Communication Skills
    2 Basic Optics
    3 Principles of Ophthalmic Lens
    4 Applied ICT Skills
    5 Bahasa Kebangsaan
    6 Optical Laboratory Skills 1 with On the Job Training
    7 Ophthalmic Dispensing 1 with On the Job Training
    8 Retail Selling and Customer Service
    9 Occupational Health and Safety
    10 Pengajian Malaysia
    11 Optical Laboratory Skills 2 with On the Job Training
    12 Ophthalmic Dispensing 2 with On the Job Training
    13 Fundamentals of Visual Optics
    14 Moral/Pengajian Islam
    15 Optical Laboratory Skills 3 with On the Job Training
    16 Product Knowledge and Seminar
    17 Ophthalmic Dispensing 3 with On the Job Training
    Intake : March, May, August & October
    Course Duration : 2 Years
    Total Credit Hours : 60
    Mode : Full Time / Part Time
    Entry Level Entry Requirement
    SPM 1 credit in Mathematics /Physics and a pass in Biology or Chemistry or General Science
    • Optician sales assistant
    • Sales / Marketing
    • Sales Manager
    • Optical Technician
    • Business Development Manager

    Earnings Estimates RM 1,800.00 – RM 3,000.00
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