Diploma in Retail Management

MQA/PA3566 ; JPT/BPP (K)1000-600WP144 Jld.3 (17)


The Diploma in Retail Management Programme was designed to prepare individuals who wish to work in the retail management, food industry, and related fields for the mid-level management position challenges of the future. The curriculum encompasses business essentials and also emphasizes the skills sets needed for effective management and communication in the work environment. Instructions will provide the background and knowledge necessary for students to develop the judgment skills as they advance their career in retail.

No Subjects
1 Introduction to Retail Business
2 Business Communication in Retailing
3 Customer Service in Retail Business
4 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2
5 Pengajian Malaysian
6 Business Information System
7 Business Mathematics
8 Entrepreneurship
9 Fundamentals of Retail Management
10 Fundamentals of Retail Accounting
11 Introduction to Economics
12 Business Law
13 Consumer’s Behaviour
14 Entrepreneurship Skills
15 Visual Merchandising in Retail Business
16 Selling Practices in Retail Business
17 Marketing in Retail Business
18 Comparative Ethics in Modern Society
19 Public Health and Community Service
20 Retail Franchising
21 Retail Employee Management
22 Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
23 Introduction to Business Finance
24 Retail Supply Chain Management Logistics
25 Applied Retail Project
26 Internship
Intake : March, May, August & October
Course Duration : 3 Years (6 months Industrial Training)
Total Credit Hours : 95
Mode : Full Time
Entry Level Entry Requirement
SPM Pass SPM with 3 credits in any subjects
O-Levels Pass O-Level with 3 credits in any subjects
UEC Pass UEC with 3 B's in any subjects
Other Other equivalent qualification from recognized by the Malaysian Government
  • Retail Outlet Assistant Manager
  • Logistics Officer
  • Inventory Controller
  • Display Artist
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Assistant Buyer
  • Department Supervisor
  • Retail Store Supervisor
  • Retail Banking Officer
  • Sales Officer/Executive
  • Assistant Merchandisers Administrator

Earnings Estimates RM 1,500.00 – RM 3,000.00
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Step 1: Type full college name
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Financial Assistance and Loan is provided to all Malaysian students to pursue their education. The Financial Bodies are:-  
  • Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)
  • Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) – for Bumiputera Only
  • Employment Provident Fund (EPF).

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