Masters in Business Administration

MQA/PA2547 ; JPT/BPP (D)1000-600/WP 144 (60)


This modular programme encompasses the completion of 3 interrelated stages culminating with the award of MBA.

Stage 1: Consist of 8 core modules

Stage 2: Comprises of 4 specialisation modules

Stage 3: The dissertation


The core modules provide students with strategic functional aspects of key management issues with emphasis on global, local and virtual aspects of modern business practice. There are 2 group assignments, individual assignments and examination within the core modules.


At this stage, students select an area of specialisation. The major modules offer detailed study which allows students to concentrate on specialisation which directly relate to their career ambitions.


The dissertation provides students with opportunity to apply the knowledge and understanding gained from taught modules. It incorporate a detailed and exhaustive study of a specific strategic problem or situation for management. It consolidates the learning that has already taken place in the core and major modules.

No Subjects
1 Accounting and Finance
2 Marketing
3 Quantitative Decision Making
4 Managerial Economics
5 Organisation Behaviour / Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management
6 Human Capital Development
7 International Human Resource Management
8 Industrial Relations
9 Performance Management Systems
10 Corporate Finance
11 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
12 International Finance
13 Financial Analysis
Marketing Management
14 International Management
15 Marketing Communication and Consumer Behaviour
16 E-Marketing and Entrepreneurship
17 Strategic Management
International Business
18 International Marketing
19 International Human Resource
20 International Finance
21 International Business Environment
22 Business Research Methods
23 Dissertation
April and July
Course Duration
Full time: 18 months daytime classes
Part time: 24 months evening and weekend classes
Applicants should possess one of the following:
  • Graduate of approved universities in any discipline and individual professional / qualification, or
  • Working individuals with at least 3 years executive experience and above the age of 25
    • Management Consultant
    • Business Manager
    • Business Planning Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Business Administration Manager
    • Government officials
    • E-Commerce Entrepreneurs
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Researchers Business
    • Sales Manager
    • Investment Manager
    • Operating Manager
    • Customer Service Manager
    • Computer and Information Systems Manager
    • Banking Operations Manager
    • Administrative Manager
    • Office Manager
    • Lecturer

    Earnings Estimates RM 5,000.00 – RM 12,000.00
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